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Saturday, March 06, 2021
TV Interview: Vaccine Passport Not Proof of Immunization, Vulnerable Groups Could Be Marginalized
8TV Mandarin News

As countries step up vaccination, there are calls for the introduction of vaccine passport. However, vaccine passport is not proof of immunization. While it can bring opportunities for economic development, it also hurts vulnerable groups.

Chan Kung, founder and chairman of ANBOUND, was invited by 8TV Mandarin News to have an in-depth discussion on the benefits of vaccine passport.

Public health experts believe that vaccine passport itself has an exclusive effect and will inevitably cause serious inequality. This is also a heavy social price that Malaysia needs to pay when rebooting the economy comprehensively. It is only when the vaccine is popularized can the vaccine passport be introduced to reduce the damages to the minimum.

Hosts by Aobin Chong, Lim She Ting

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