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Monday, May 24, 2021
Antiwar Movements Surges Amidst Changes in Israel
Chan Kung

There has been a spike in antiwar movements following the recent Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Barring the institutional publications from the Israel Defense Forces and certain partisan publications, most Israeli media reports are centered around the death tolls and casualties in Palestine, with calls to stop the war. While missiles are fired on one side, and on the other side antiwar sentiments are cropping up on the internet.

Today, two forms of radicalism exist in modern Israel. One, the Israeli extremists who abuse the Arabs. Two, the Israelis who sympathize with the Arabs. Additionally, some Americans consider the United States to be Israel's savior, though the locals in Israel would disagree with that, going as far as hating on Israeli Americans to make a point.

If a huge war erupts in Israel, it is rather improbable that the Jews around the world would rush to Israel's aid. Granted, it is not utterly impossible that such a scenario would happen, but it remains to be something that is highly unlikely.

The great Franco-American philosopher and writer George Steiner, a Jew himself, had delivered speeches in Tel Aviv 5 times. Still, he had refused to be hosted by the Israeli authority. His preaches are the antithesis of Zionism, and he opposed Zionist statesman and Israel's first prime minister David Ben-Gurion's rallying call to establish the nation-state of Israel. He believed that as a race, Jews should be wandering the world, as they are a wandering nation. He also believed that once a nation-state is established, it would be no different from any other nations; Israel would go on to commit crimes like the rest of the world.

Steiner's beliefs show that Jews are not a monolithic whole. Given the large numbers of Jewish organizations in the United States; they all hold diverse opinions and ideas. Besides, the Jewish Americans were not the ones who supported the war. When Israel requested aid from the United States, it was not the Jewish Americans but the American southerners who responded enthusiastically and provided financial help.


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