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Saturday, October 09, 2021
ANBOUND's Observation: Taliban at War with Islamic State in Afghanistan
Chan Kung

On October 8, a Shia mosque in Kunduz, Afghanistan was assaulted in a suicide bombing. The official media of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan stated that 46 people were killed in the attack, 143 People were injured. However, the New York Times quoted a local community leader as saying that the attack had caused no less than 70 deaths.

A Taliban police officer in Kunduz told the Associated Press that the attack was probably committed by a suicide bomber who were among worshippers in the mosque.

Later that day, the Islamic State organization ISIS-K in Afghanistan announced that it was responsible for the attack.

The United Nations Mission in Afghanistan pointed out that this is the third deadly attack on religious institutions this week. This bomb attack highlighted the security crisis that the Taliban faced after seizing Afghanistan, especially the security threat posed by the sharp confrontation between the Taliban and the Islamic State organization. The Taliban and the Islamic State are in fact at war in Afghanistan. Judging from the current situation, it appears that the situation in Afghanistan cannot be stabilized in the short term. The Taliban is facing both Massoud armed forces and the Islamic State organization, as well as forces from the Western countries surrounding it. If the Taliban want to stabilize such a situation, it cannot be accomplished in short-term.

On August 26 this year, ISIS-K launched a suicide bomb attack at Kabul Airport, killing 13 American soldiers and approximately 170 Afghan civilians.