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Friday, December 17, 2021
ANBOUND Seminar | 2022 Economic Trend Prediction and Judgment

As the world entered the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, many economies have been plagued by lots of issues that come out simultaneously, from diplomatic confrontations to trade disputes, forever changing the landscape for businesses.

Against such a backdrop, ANBOUND hosted an online seminar of economic trends on December 17, 2021. This virtual event shared our scholars' insights on the challenges and opportunities in the coming year, and participants were limited to the clients with membership of ANBOUND. The speakers included Kung Chan, founder of ANBOUND, He Jun, director and a senior policy researcher at ANBOUND, Dr. Wei Hongxu, an economist at ANBOUND, and Dato' Ong Chong Yi, Regional Chief Representative of ANBOUND in ASEAN. This webinar was moderated by Wang Zhaoxi, head of PR & Media at ANBOUND's Beijing Office.

Firstly, Mr. He Jun presented a salient analysis on the recent developments and the challenges posed, as well as strategy to be adopted inface of challenges from geopolitics, financial issues, capital market, urban issues, to the pandemic, energy security, and climate change. This was followed by Mr. Kung Chan offering professional and targeted answers to queries of ANBOUND's clients participated.

In addition, Mr. He resumed by sharing his views on the market prospects under the new market order and structure, focusing on diverse topics that encompass urban economic development, capital market situation, China's consumer society and digital economy, as well as China's "dual-carbon" target.

During the second session, Mr. Chan elaborated on information analysis methodology and empirical research. Dato' Ong discussed several critical questions with Mr. Chan, including those concerning the advantages and research characteristics of ANBOUND, the value of its international research and policy recommendations, and how ANBOUND manages to maintain its high level of independence in nearly three decades.

The webinar was concluded with questions-and-answers session with Mr. He Jun and Dr. Wei Hongxu.